Aparna Sharma acknowledges contribution of Tata Institute of Social Sciences in her success

When creative persons meet at Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
Aparna Sharma and Arun Kaimal

…..The HR thought leader and Author thanks TISS for laying a strong foundation in her life

Some episodes in your life, like stories of campus life, are eternal. Reliving those moments after a span of few decades can definitely leave one with a sense of nostalgia. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) alum Aparna Sharma, PM&IR (1994-96) spent an entire day on the Mumbai campus. It was quite evident that she was completely spellbound as she gracefully strolled the iconic edifice that once was her second home.
Sunshine on my head.

Aparna Sharma visited exemplary spots… literally lived those institutes days at TISS campus once again. At TISS Alums Association (TISSAA), we ensured she enjoyed every moment of her stay here. It was indeed pleasure welcoming her to the campus.

She visited one of her classrooms, strolled along the gangway. Aparna went into a sublime mood as she ascended at the quadrangle. Aparna Sharma savoured every second of her stay at the Dining Hall, as she visited each and every corner meeting the staff and exchanging pleasantries.

Tanmay Nayak, Director, National University Students Skill Development (NUSSD) had a brief meeting with Aparna as the duo discussed on a variety of topics, including deliberations on the contribution of TISS in nation building.

So Young, So High...
Aparna Sharma with Tanmay Nayak

"TISS has taught to value relationships and build long-time relationships," she said on the occasion. Aparna urged TISSians to connect back to their roots, connect with the Alma Mater.

Things I used to trip on, I walk over now.

Aparna dropped by the gate of Deonar Cottage. It was inside this bungalow, where the legendary Raj Kapoor would invite TISSians for celebrations like Holi. She had so many fun-filled memories experienced at the Kapoor family’s residence.
The dining experience at DH.

Aparna Sharma is a noted HR thought leader and Author. She has had an illustrious career so far with several corporates which have helped her grow and develop. After her first book, “Reality Bytes–The Role of HR in Today’s World ”, which has received wide acclaim, Aparna Sharma has launched her second book, “Between U & Me”. The book takes you through the lives of ordinary people who have extraordinary lessons to offer to us.

All about the vibe...

Aparna with Dr Nitin Lata Waman, Secretary General & CEO (TISSAA)

TISSAA past president Arun Kaimal (PM & IR 2005-07), who has been featured by Aparna Sharma in her latest book, “Between U & Me”, met and gifted her a small memento on this occasion. This moment was indeed an icing on the cake for all of us.  Arun Kaimal who flew in from Singapore was deeply touched meeting Aparna. She has been one of his mentors for several years now.
Those constructive years, the charming youth, the pretty smiles.

Arun Kaimal is a well-rounded HR professional with experience in full Employee Life Cycle activities and Business Partner operations in different geographies (India, Middle East & Africa, South East Asia) and has worked with various Multinational Organizations (Finnish, German & American) in progressive roles.

Arun Kaimal too had a great time meeting old friends, catching up with the alma mater, and sharing memories. The Mumbai campus indeed mesmerises one and all.
If you’re in need of a dose of inspiration, you’ve found it in this book!

So, when are you planning a visit to the campus?

 (Photographs by Indraneel Pawar & Vishal Raj)

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