TISS alumni continue to shine worldwide

Dr Balsing Rajput at TISS Library.  (PC: Swapnil Agaskar)

Once a TISSian, always a TISSian

I think the success of any school can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to our national life.  --- John F. Kennedy

Fellow TISSians have been grabbing the media spotlight worldwide. Mohammed Tarique  (SW-2005) and his team exposed the gruesome reality of shelter homes in Bihar during the social audit conducted by them. For more than a decade Taique has been passionately pursuing social issues by implementing innovative solutions to create long-lasting social impact and policy implications.

Jeroo Billimoria (SW-1998) who is considered world's leading social entrepreneurs received a Royal Honor from the King of the Netherlands by being appointed Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau. Jeroo is now ranked among renowned Dutch politicians, artists and scientists.

TISSian Sumitra Bhave’s movie Kaasav (The Turtle), won the Swarna Kamal, (the National Award for Best Feature Film) apart from winning several awards at the national and international level.

TISSian Dr Balsing Rajput (IPS) as Superintendent of Police, Cyber Maharashtra through numerous initiatives has been raising awareness on cyber crimes. He has been conducting several training courses on mobile and computer forensics, cybercrime investigation, scientific investigation, gender sensitization, and prevention of atrocities against women. He has also been involved in capacity building efforts for cybersecurity and cybercrime investigation for Maharashtra Police.
Atul Kulkarni (centre) at a cycle rally organised by him to spread awareness on traffic rules on Independence Day. 

Atul V Kulkarni, another TISSian, an IPS officer has been serving as Assistant Superintendent (ASP) in Bhayandar Thane. Atul Kulkarni has been initiating several programmes for public awareness and safety. He has established two divisions for the convenience of the public—a Drug Cell and a women’s cell -- the Bharosa (Trust) Cell. "TISS has offered me comprehensive perspectives on various social issues which made me sensitive particularly towards socially vulnerable sections including women, children and minorities. My training at TISS has helped me generate innovative ideas based on which I have started community-based policing initiatives," said Atul Kulkarni.

Dayanand Allapur (PMIR-1990) has taken over as the Global HR head for Cognizant Technologies and Pranesh Anthapur (PMIR-1991) took over as the Global HR head for Uber.

Noted author and HR thought leader Aparna Sharma (PMIR-96) recently launched her second book “Between U & Me”. The book takes you through the lives of ordinary people who have extraordinary lessons to offer to us.

A large number of TISSians have been a huge success from top corporates to social scientists, academicians to development professionals and from entrepreneurs to administrators. The list of successful TISSians is huge and exhaustive, difficult to group them together considering the diverse fields they are proving their mantle. TISSians have inspired generations of students with sheer good work at the national and internal level.
Dr Nitin Lata Waman, Mohammed Tarique and Sandeep Karande. 

Dr Satish Kalra (PhD-1974) said that the factor which distinguishes TISS from other educational institutes is that it is one of the very few educational institutes which also develops ‘your soul’.

“TISS has reinforced my beliefs in free-thinking, democratic work ethics, commitment to cause, achieving excellence in work and passion for serving the society, which is now, embedded deeply in my professional psyche. TISS offers you the insight of doing the right thing every time,” said Dr Balsing Rajput while explaining the role of the Institute in his journey as a civil servant.

“TISS helps students to develop a good understanding of the “self” and a healthy attitude towards the “others” and go beyond the call of duty towards making this world a better place for everyone. The ability to be “real” and to truly connect with others in the eco-system in a genuine manner is an important facet of character building in TISS,” said Solomon Ravi Kumar, VP Volvo. (PMIR-1984).
Nayan Khadapkar, Prof Nasreen Rustomfram with Ajit Katti (extreme right). PC: Chitra Sampada Ramesh 
Though getting into TISS could be just a dream for some, it is just the first step to creating unthinkable success stories.

"TISS has helped me learn that one has the power to change people’s lives, said S. Venkatesh, Management Board Member, President – Group HR, RPG Enterprises, adding, “I have always believed that as the HR leader of a large conglomerate, the true CSR I can do is to make the lives of 30000 employees better every day. It has taught me to respect every human being as an equal,"

“My experience has been that TISS offers students a free thinking space to explore multiple ideas, and accept those which synergistic with them,” said Jerome D'Souza, (SW 1995) adding, “it teaches us that there are no rights and wrongs, and we only need to choose what works best for us without rejecting the others. This is instrumental in building character in terms of understanding inclusion and acceptance of wide-ranging ideas.” Jerome, who is associated with Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives is a well-known figure in the social sector.
Noted Author and Thought Leader Aparna Sharma in a classroom at TISS. 

The focus at TISS is not only providing a particular vocation but also unleashing values and reforms in society as the development of humanity does not lie merely only in the acquisition of material comforts. TISS focus is on preserving and maintaining social values. Thus the primary function of education here is to enrich the character of its students. TISS prepares leadership founded on integrity and a sense of values and prepares an environment which promotes freedom of thought and expression, freedom from discrimination.

“The values I learned from TISS are empathy and gratitude. These have been key to my engagement in the social sector, especially in achieving my ambitions as a committed development worker. I left TISS with a greater understanding of the world, and my place in it. I understood that commitment and excellence are the two traits one needed to have to achieve something. TISS also taught me pluralism, and ways of seeing differently, which are so important to have in India today,” added Jerome.

According to a TISSian and senior consultant, Janaki Ramakrishnan, “TISS most certainly helps to carve you to be human and that reflects in every aspect of interaction for social good and personal gains.”

Though TISS has undergone countless changes over the years, yet has always maintained its core as a haven to explore new dimensions. It still fosters an academic culture of openness and inclusivity, in which students from across different regions engage with each other on several forums.

Bindu Venkatesh (PMIR-1995), Human Resources & Training, Oracle Human Resources, said that TISS has made her a more well-rounded individual with both the ability to introspect and also to understand the outside and make sense of the world we live in. ‘This has been by far the greatest gift that TISS gave me. This helps me to work with empathy and at the same time have the necessary pragmatism to be able to take decisions that are focused on benefiting the largest number,” added Bindu.

Ms Leena Joshi (SW-1977), former Director of Apnalaya, said that TISS has provided her with ample opportunities which gave her immense exposure to understand several social issues. The years at TISS have enriched her life, through several deep and meaningful interactions with fellow TISSians and the faculty. “TISS has been a guiding force in my life which showed and offered me numerous possibilities and I happily walked on in my journey,” added Leena.

Ms Nayan Phatak Khadapkar (SW-1977), noted social entrepreneur, said that whatever she has learnt from faculty on the beautiful and splendid campus, and the magnificent and rigorous training she had received during her fieldwork has powerfully and indelibly shaped her thinking, career and personal life. “Which is why I consider TISS the finest crucible of life,” added Nayan.

When you attend TISS, you become a part of the rich and nation’s oldest institutions of higher learning. You get extra exposure, extra engagement, it gives an edge in understanding the complexities of life. TISSAA congratulate each and every TISSian for their contributions made in various fields.

The cover picture of Dr Balsing Rajput was clicked by senior photographer Swapnil Agaskar on request by TISSAA.

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