Nurturing roots through ace network

Anand Ganu, Founder and President of Garje Marathi Global

….At Garje Marathi Global, they build careers and lives of aspiring minds 

“Supporting the youth evolve, defines our purpose,” said Anand Ganu as he made vivid his organisation, Garje Marathi Global (GMG) Inc goals, which has 60 domain experts grooming over 150 students the world over. “In fact, it’s so important that it’s part of Garje Marathi’s mission – to be a catalyst for change, growth, and a better future,” mentions Ganu, as he shares enthusiastically about the organisation which he had co-founded with his life partner Suneeta in 2016.

Ganu, a successful businessman, with a background in the pharma sector, following his retirement found a new passion connecting with exemplary Marathi-speaking people across the globe, documenting their stories of triumph and connecting all of them together. This was a start of an interesting journey, soon his passion could lead to two epic books, Garje Marathi part 1 and part 2, bringing forth the lives of 70 illustrious Maharashtrians spread across the globe. 

Though he himself comes from an old school of thought, which believes in ‘doing good and forgetting all about it’, which is a typical trait known among Maharashtrians, however, he also understands that there is a dire need, that people talk about their success and achievements. The vigorous web connecting these limelight shy eminent Maharashtrians evolved into Garje Marathi Global Inc, a non-profit organisation. 


GMG members of the Germany chapter during an online meet with Anand Ganu. 

Padma Vibhushan Raghunath Anant Mashelkar and Padma Vibhushan Avinash Dixit are some of the prominent personalities on its advisory board. “GMG trains, coaches, mentors aspiring minds through education and counselling for building their better future. Several domain experts have willingly come forward to share their expertise wholeheartedly with the youth, said Ganu. Effective planning, efficient delivery systems, a collaborative approach with partners, and mentoring provided with integrity, compassion, competence have resulted in an increasing number of beneficiaries.

File pic: Suneeta Ganu, co-founder of GMG.

Ganu, based out of California, works round the clock attending online meetings with his counterparts in 30 international cities. It keeps Ganu on his toes and secures GMG’s position among the world’s richest organisations, in terms of the availability of talent and expertise. Developing entrepreneurship skill is one area GMG has been concentrating on,  which has been receiving a tremendous response, and so is Saksham, their project where they are making available electronic devices to facilitate online education to children coming from underprivileged communities in Maharashtra. 


“Maharashtrians settled abroad or even staying outside of Maharashtra have always operated as silos in their own locations and focussed primarily on developing traditional, cultural, and entertainment aspects related to the community,” said Sudhir Kadam, an Innovation and Growth Strategist. Kadam, who has been actively engaged in mentoring aspirants associated with GMG, mentioned that there was a dire need for mentoring and networking to help people at the professional level to help them succeed in their chosen endeavor - whether it is business, employment, research, or education.


“Anand Ganu was quick to notice this need and formed GMG, which has been receiving great support from those who believed in his vision, which aims at providing networking, mentoring, and educational support to help people succeed. The best part is that it is done with the sole motive of paying-it-forward and there are no joining fees, subscriptions, or program fees,” added Kadam. 


Shalmali Gadgil, a second-year Biotechnology student at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, narrating her experience after contacting GMG and Mr. Ganu, said that she could instantly connect with domain experts who have been extremely supportive to her. Shalmali was all praise about Dr. Manoj Jadhav, “With Dr. Jadhav's help and introduction I could manage to secure myself a spot to work as a lab research assistant with one of his old colleague (Dr. Song) at the University of Florida this summer,” she added. 


Dr. Milind Medhekar, who leads the Australia chapter of Garje Marathi said, “Anandji has almost single-handedly united highly qualified, talented, competent Marathi-speaking domain experts from across the globe, who are passionately volunteering to share their knowledge and expertise with aspiring students and entrepreneurs in India." 

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