Tapping feet helps build a better team

The TISS Convention Centre reverberated with applause as TISSian Krupa Ravi performed.
The audience was left awestruck as the captivating performance by Krupa Ravi drew to an end. All of them, one by one, rose to their feet, clapping in tandem to share their response to her graceful performance. Taking their salutation as a mark that she was successful in conveying her message, a young TISSian Krupa thanked joining her hands as gracefully as she tapped her feet and swayed across the stage for over thirty minutes mesmerising the spectators at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) campus.

While the speechless dialogue between the audiences and Krupa continued, Prof P. Vijayakumar moved a bit further towards the stage. He stood still witnessing to a unique episode unfolding, which, was his one of the most coveted creations. Though, the entire show which consisted of several narrations was curated 21-year-old Krupa, the mastermind who worked on the unique concept of this project, titled 'VivakShaa' was Prof P. Vijayakumar, who himself is a TISS alum.
Prof P Vijayakumar: Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs, TISS and the Chairperson of C SOL.

Prof VK, as he is fondly addressed by his friends and students, dons several hats, he is Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs and also the Chairperson of the Centre for Social and Organisational Leadership (C SOL) at TISS. Krupa’s captivating Bharatanatyam performance will be an integral part of the curriculum of Organisation Development, Change and Leadership (ODCL) programmes.

"This performance provided a context for the audience to enrapture varied meanings and perspectives and to recognise the diversity and complexity of human emotions,” said Prof VK who has been instrumental in adapting various aesthetic perspectives to teach OD and Change. What started with the creation of artefacts (paintings) to teach Organisational Change, to music has now, finally taken a momentum leap as it has introduced dance form.
Prof VK, taking cognisance current dynamic business environment nurtures his students to adapt and respond in multiple ways for overall growth and development. “We need to create managers who would be in a position to manage the environmental uncertainties. Innovation is key for survival and growth, so we need to have an aesthetic perspective to teaching, educate and train people,” explained Prof VK  who stresses on addressing these current issues by focusing on art based learning and art involved learning in all his programmes.
Krupa Ravi could convey emotions and feelings through dance; these were very well perceived by the audience.
During the performance, Krupa who is a TISS student carried herself with youthful zeal very well balancing her footwork and abhinaya. A vivacious dancer she is, Krupa with impressive dancing prowess, despite dancing by herself, she delivered emotion to the audience. She could bring alive the various lines of the lyric through her abhinaya as she created an empathic response from the audiences for several narratives of various authors which were interwoven together to form the composition.
TISSian Krupa Ravi

Krupa created a spell on the audience with her evocative performance depicting several rasas (emotions), blending well with precise and remarkable technique. The empathy evoked from the audience was the crux of the whole performance. "At C SOL, we focus on both personal and professional development of participants in all our programmes. Art based learning enhances systems thinking and makes participants’ realise various shades of grey instead of having them limit only to two shades (black and white). It promotes more awareness and empathy because of reflection," divulged Prof Vijayakumar. 'VivaKshaa' was coordinated Joel Fernando; supported by Bharti Kushwah and Ashwini Hambire. Communication is not only limited to verbal form, as movement is an important factor which helps in expression. Thus dance becomes one of the most liberating and open ways to reveal feelings, making easier for others to understand emotionally and develop empathy.

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  1. Fantastic. We might consider having Ms. Ramesh come and engage the participants of the Asia OD Network Summit 2019 at See Soul.


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