Is modern society falling victim to crimes of passion?

Gruesome incidents like the Nithari killings, Aarushi murder case and the recent Sheena Bora murder case make us wonder how some individuals manage to commit such heinous crimes. People, who otherwise are doing well in their lives, seem to commit crimes in a moment of passion. Is this a new trend in criminology?
Free Press Journal spoke with experts to analysis on why some people turn heartless predators, exploiting everyone around them.

“About 4% people have certain traits in their personality that makes them different and troublesome. They become very self-centered and have no concern for others well being or feelings. These people are utterly selfish, irresponsible and harmful. They have no conscience, so do not mind using others to fulfill their wishes,” said Dr Pradeep Patkar, a psychiatrist.
“By the age of four to seven years, these personalities display some symptoms. They usually have difficulty in forming friendships, they lie, cheat, steal, bully and have no guilt or remorse if they are caught. They turn out to be problem children, have difficulty during schooling. Some may not get caught but many get exposed in school. Some blame others and emotionally blackmail parents to get what they want,” added Dr Patkar.
“They use gullible people to achieve their goals. They are after money and fame and manipulate people including close relations to fulfill their mission. These people are termed antisocial, sociopaths or psychopaths. They do not learn any good from the experiences, hence advising, pleading, forgiving, counseling hardly makes any change in their mind set-up,” he said.
“In such individuals, regular reconstructive psychotherapies, behavior modifications and at times medicines can curb violence and impulsiveness. When dealing with antisocial elements, one needs to save the victims first, then isolate and put the antisocial person in proper custody. Strict law and order can bring their aggression down. Holistic psychotherapeutic training can help. At least their isolation may save vulnerable people from getting exploited,” he added.
Dr Shreekant Chorghade, a pediatrician who has authored several books on child care, said: “The goal of self-centered people is to achieve their targets by hook or crook. They are likely to be manipulative. They may have very convincing manners hence nobody can read their mind. No doctor or counselor can help any person unless he or she asks for help and is willing to cooperate. Counseling is not to be done unless asked for.”
Developmental Pediatrician Dr Samir Dalwai said: “Stories of shortcuts to success are very tempting but unreal; parents need to constantly work towards keeping children (especially adolescents) connected with reality.”
According to experts, an over-ambitious person can hardly lead a contented and a relaxed life. Since such people sets their sights high, they will constantly think of doing something newer, better and harder. “Isolated acts of cruelty may not necessarily indicate criminality but the child needs help to deal with these tendencies. Parents need to identify a pattern of wanting to live beyond one’s means without showing an inclination for effort,” Dr Dalwai cautioned.
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